Traditional British Sunday Roast

Being one for tradition of sorts and yesterday being Sunday, I thought it apt to make a Sunday roast.
Oh and we’re talking proper homemade roast, none of that ready meal shit.

So Saturday afternoon myself and Jonathan (the boyfriend) made the preparatory shop in M&S (because we are classy motherfuckers) and Co-op (because lets face it we are students, how classy can we be?)

And I must admit it, I think we even impressed ourselves.

  • Perfectly cooked roast chicken – already stuffed with sage, onion and bacon stuffing (courtesy of m&s)
  • honey glazed roasted carrots and parsnips 
  • roast potatoes topped with onions and thyme
  • broccoli in cheese sauce
  • the gravy to smother everything.
  • and of course a bottle of red wine (to make us feel that little bit more grown up)
I would show you a picture, but being the pigs that we are, we ate it before I could remember to actually take one…
Of course no Sunday is complete without dessert and this…dare I say it…may have been better than the dinner itself.
  • Belgian chocolate souffles – again courtesy of m&s
  • chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
  • my idea of heaven. on a plate.
look at those beauties…cooking away.
fuck a duck.
Needless to say after the gorge fest that was last night, I’ve had to kick my ass into gear and sweat that meal off at the gym, along with my health kick of a lunch of fruit, yogurt, corn flakes and honey.
But my God. It was worth it.

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