Lent…Take two.

Lunchtimes at home and particularly at uni can tend to be pretty dull and rather repetitive consisting of mainly porridge and/or a couple of slices of toast with Marmite.

In attempt to break out of this boring routine (don’t take that personally Marmite, I still love you) and the fact that it is actually Lent and my plan to give up chocolate didn’t go so well this year…(in all honesty, if lent starts before valentines day, lets face it. It is not going to happen) I have attempted to make healthier meals.

Healthier doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive though, my lunch today merely of;

  • cornflakes
  • fresh fruit; strawberries, bananas & kiwis
  • natural pouring yogurt
  • honey
Cheap, delicious and surprisingly filling. If however you still feel the need for something warm… have a cup of tea…or two…or three. It’s tea. no one judges.

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