Christmas in Oz.

After a day of lectures and rehearsals on campus in the forever grey skyed Nottingham and returning home to realise that I now need to start wearing gradual fake tan to look even remotely healthy, I cant help but feel nostalgic of Christmas 2012. My first Christmas abroad.

Australia for Christmas was quite literally the strangest but also the most awesome Christmas ever. To me Christmas normally starts off with a family breakfast, accompanied by champagne with strawberries, followed by presents, then an epic Christmas lunch made by the mother. So basically Christmas is normally a day of eating and drinking to excess. However this year it was entirely different.
This year was my first trip to Oz. It was also my first Christmas day lying on a beach sunning myself. First Christmas day where the tree was more of a palm tree than a pine tree. Additionally the first Christmas where my mum didn’t do the cooking (we got it delivered).
I went to Oz for three weeks over the Xmas/ New Year period. Xmas week in Byron Bay and a week in Sydney either side. The reason for the sudden urge to fly to the other side of the world for xmas came from the fact that my sister and boyfriend are over there so really, what better excuse to get some sun in the dreary winter days was there??
Therefore sitting here in my sub-temperature student house with my feet on the radiator, wearing my dressing gown despite still being fully clothed underneath, I find myself shouting “TAKE ME BACK TO OZ”
First day there. Life’s not fair.


Christmas trees in the heat.
Walking to Bondi


Christmas Dinner. Byron Bay.



 Christmas day…on the beach…where else?
New Years eve back in Sydney…to the Botanical Gardens we go!!
Bringing the New Year Sydney style.
See what I mean…kind of hard to not get nostalgic about it, but hey, there is always summer to look forward to. But in the mean time I will be here in Notts freezing my ass off and praising the fake tan gods.

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