Putting the Pro in Procrastination

Seeing as how this is my third year of university, I have had three years to perfect that art of procrastination.
Not to big myself up or anything but I am fucking good at it.
3,000 word essay due in next week…or…3 episodes of Gossip Girl. I know which one I would choose.

So here is my very own “helpful” little guide to getting through the uni work load.

Facebook obviously should always be on tab.

  •  Constantly refresh feed, to see if anything remotely interesting has happened to ANYONE of your friends.
  • If nothing new, then stalking is the next option. Bare in mind that it is stalking out of sheer boredom so your victim could just be anyone who has posted a status recently or if you fancy hating yourself for half an hour look at profiles of girls who you think are disgustingly pretty and hating yourself that you don’t look like that (whilst shoving dairy milk in your mouth). Or of course there is the stalking of guys profiles. The new or old “crushes”…flings…one night stands, or merely people that you may have got with in the past or want to get with in the future…It is Facebook stalking, there are no official guidelines.
Get hooked on a new TV series
  • Evidently a death sentence to your degree, but as long as you’ve got Friends like Rachel and Chandler..who needs a degree really.
  • My own favourites have been those which teach me about the lives of high class London escorts, the lives of Manhattans elite namely Serena and Blair, and the unbelievably busy 24 hours of a Mr Jack Bauer 
  • Additionally as a side note; if you finish a series, give it a while and then start it again. No judgement.
  • I myself do actually have a PS3, I tend to use it more so for the access to Netflix though…
  • Recently I actually bought Sims 3, which has given me hours of procrastination. Probably my best recommendation to feel like your actually doing something, like your making people, building up their lives…and then you look around the room and realise that you don’t actually have a life yourself. It is a great feeling.
  • download loads of pointless apps. Use them. Done.
  • Latest recommendation Snap Chat. Who doesn’t like a photo of their house mate on the loo?
Last resort:
  • exercise. Becoming so bored that you do exercise. It happens. But at least you feel better afterwards. Plus then you have to go and have a shower. More time taken up. Check.

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