Oh What a March!

So it has been a little while since my last post, and I can tell that you have missed me…

So March thus far has been a rather busy one for me, what with mothers day, uni work and rehearsals for my play which is actually starting THIS Sunday…balls.

What play I hear you say? Well its one of Dennis Kelly’s some what different and controversial works called, “Osama the Hero.” Based in an East London estate, a young and autistic boy has a school project on finding a hero, – hence Osama the Hero. clever how the name ties in. But obviously stating in a school that a famed terrorist is your hero is not going to go down well with the locals particularly those of daily mail England. So enter ME. I play the character of Louise. The twisted young woman, who ends up, with the help of her brother and man named Mark (who is also a pedo) torturing this young boy in a garage, as they suspect him of being responsible for certain attacks that have happened on the estate.
So you can see its not a particularly light-hearted play. But I am having blast in rehearsals and the cast are all brilliant. So hopefully the show will be a hit!

Our promotions poster!
Rehearsals yesterday also coincided with a rather new “romantic” holiday of sorts. consisting of steak for dinner for yourself and your person of interest and then topping off his night with a favour. If you get me.
So being the doting girlfriend that I am, last night was a feast. Starters of Taste the Difference garlic bread, followed by sirloin steak, (without bigging myself up I can cook a mean steak) with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and mash, followed by Tiramisu. NOM. After that…well I don’t kiss and tell.

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