Dinner and a Show…and a pint or two.

St Paddy’s day graced our calendar on Sunday. A day of everyone pretending to be Irish, as an excuse to have a pint of Guinness or two. or three. (or whatever drink you prefer, I go for wine personally)

This year it coincided with my first night of my play (Dennis Kelly’s Osama the Hero) so my family came up for the day to watch me swear a ridiculous amount and hit a guy in the face with a hammer. (don’t worry its foam stage prop)
So to prepare them for the night ahead we went for lunch by the castle, and of course a sunday roast was on the menu.

Pork belly? yes. please give me a pot belly.
Swiftly followed by a chocolate and beer brownie with caramel ice cream.
many thanks to the bf, who “shared” it with me so I wouldn’t look too much like a pig…aaaaaaand…
If your wondering how the shows went, they went amazingly, thanks for asking. two great reviews for two great nights. Now what do I do with my time? oh yeh. my degree.

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