Londons Calling.

I’M HOME. After a fun term at uni, I have returned to my humble abode in south east Landan. This time off uni I’m utilising to do all of my uni work, so pretty do my degree over these next couple of weeks. Additionally to seeing home friends, working, going out and a cheeky trip to Malta for Easter to see the fam.

Thing is this is meant to be Easter holidays, yet I see snow. everywhere. what the actual fuck. seriously?!?
So much so that I had a brief panic yesterday, that my dad wouldn’t be able to pick me up from uni (when I was the last one left in the house) noooooooooooooooooooooo. But being the amazing man that he is, of course he came to come and get me.
But seriously what is with the snow?!? ITS MARCH.
Go home weatherman, your’e drunk.
Anyway, regardless of the unseasonable snow, I am very much enjoying being home thus far. Formal family dinner to come home to. (courtesy of muma) Nothing like a gorgeous home cooked 3 course meal to realise how much you’ve missed home!
 Dining room all ready for the feast.
 Med antipasti starters obvs.
with a cheeky assortment of Krispy Kremes to top off the evening!
I’m being spoilt. And I love it. AND WHAT.

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