Malteser Easter

Easter weekend, chocolate eggs, eating to excess and drinking. Sounds perfect? Add a little trip to Malta. Boom. Perfection.

What better time was there to get away from the never ending winter that we are having and go to Malta and spend the time with family in the sun…because well…I’ve missed getting my intake of vitamin D/ having a tan.

So Good Friday the day before we flew out here, I received my Easter egg from muma (yes I still get Easter eggs. No it is not only children that get them. stop judging me.)

hotel chocolat? oh mother you spoil me.

followed by Good Friday traditional dinner of fish. nom.

To give a preview of Malta to those who haven’t been, it is honestly one of the most beautiful islands. My daddy is from there so I’ve been quite a number of times in my life. But the beaches are lovely, its hot (most of the time) and the towns and the buildings have such a unique old style it just makes you fall in love with the place.

Morning walk with Daddy before lunch along the marina in Ta Xbiex
Hey look! Sunshine!

Now I get that Easter weekend in particular, one is meant to have a lot of food, but Maltese people, they really do take the biscuit. Like here in Malta it is normal, to have pasta for starters (its meant to be a smaller portion, but it is not) So Easter Sunday was no different, lunch started at 1 and finished at 4… we meds like to take our sweet ass time when eating.

our table, and overlooking…
that. not bad ay?

Four courses. No less.

Course 1:
Maltese Bread followed by this Salmon Foccacia.
Course 2:
Chicken and bacon Penne (no picture i’m afraid)
Course 3: Sea Bass with roasted potatoes
Course 4: Chocolate Fudge Cake.
 (yes I had already taken a bite before the photo…you with the eyes…stop judging)
Call me a food-lightweight but after all of that I was about to explode…but my God was it worth it.
So what does one do after a full day of eating and drinking? Go out and drink more of course. 
Myself and my sister-from-another-mister Ben and her beau went out to a bar called Ryans, which was absolutely packed but rubbing tits and ass to just move through this place was worth it for the music. It was one of those places that doesn’t play pretentious shit, but a place where the music is designed to get everyone singing their hearts out and wiggling their little bottoms to each tune. A place where the time of leaving is extended after every song ends when the next one comes on and it turns out to be another one of those, “OMG I LOVE THIS SONG !!!” moments.
Great end to and Easter Sunday I must say.

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