Work, Rinse, Repeat.

So it is that time of year again where students world wide knuckle down and actually do some work. Albeit, it’s a rare occurrence, but it doesn’t mean that I like it.

Alas, my days recently have consisted of staring at my computer trying to finish my dissertation, with the fun intervals of eating, cleaning myself or exercising and the occasional snapchat or watching a video about Sloths, which is surprisingly entertaining… the link for it if your curious…
Living the student dream right here.

Motivation seems to be running somewhat low, knowing that after that deadline, I have two more to follow, followed then by a presentation, and then by two exams.
So a large chunk of my third year relies on this next month?? No pressure then. Thanks guys. Not to mention slotted in between those exams I will be turning the tender age of 21. Happy birthday to me indeed.

However after that…I HAVE FINISHED MY DEGREE.

Holy shit. where the fuck did uni go?

That will be it.
Education – check
Further education  – check
(being on the basis of me passing that is.)

That means coming out of the uni bubble. But I have always quite liked it in there thank you very much. (although admittedly not at this current time)

But does that mean that I’ll have to grow up??? Surely not?!?

I’d personally prefer not to, Peter Pan style. I do actually have a tinkerbell costume so that’s pretty close…

However I would quite like to get my degree, so I should probably get back to working on that…
Wish me luck!!


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