On to the Next One.

That’s right folks. Dissertation is completomundo. HELLS YEH.
So yes this morning I had the joyous trip into university to hand in two beautifully bound copies of that 10,000 word bad boy. HURRAH.

However as I’ve said before, I have a lot more work to do this month, so in the words of Jay Z, its On to the Next One. (Piece of coursework that is, I have an inclination that it was not what good ol’ Jay was talking about.)
Additionally this week I have returned to my humble student abode and I must say despite all the work that everyone has it is nice to be back with the girls in the student bubble.

So apart from finishing off my dissertation this week I have also being earning a little extra pocket money. I ‘model’ now and again for an amazing photographer called Crash Taylor, who runs workshops for other budding photographers. So I just walk and pose around the town. It’s not a bad job i must say, although running around empty car parks in bare feet can get rather on the chilly side.

However apart from this, my whole life has remained inside my room reading and typing, which don’t tend to make that much of an interesting blog post. So my apologies, I will get more fun. I promise. May 30th, please come sooner. thanks.

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