Home and Back Again.

The last 48 hours have been rather busy I must say. From Nottingham, to London, from London, to Nottingham.

So to commence with, on Tuesday I handed in my second piece of coursework (I’m getting there yayyyy!!) and returned home to find a delivery of flowers from my lovely big sister to wish me luck in my final few weeks of uni.
Cute isn’t she?
Next, I jumped on the train back down to London “where I met MY mother.” We prepared a dinner all ready to surprise my daddy when he came in from work. (It was his birthday yesterday so my arrival a day early was meant to be a nice surprise) however, instead he did not return from work drinks until 10:30. sooo that surprise kinda failed.”Doh!” *Note to self do not try to surprise my dad. It will not work. I repeat it will not work.
Regardless of our failed attempt, the next day (so yesterday) I travelled to Hammersmith to the Coca Cola headquarters for campaign promotions training. It was a good day, interesting, fun and managed to win a free cinema ticket. not bad ay.
I then met up with my mother in Oxford Street, where the real fun started kicking in.
We went shopping for my Grad Ball dress. *commence squeeeees*
After looking around boutiques in Carnaby street where things we found were “nice..” we turned our attention to Selfridges. *sighs* 
Ah Selfridges, the place where dreams of beautiful clothes and shoes can come true. 
Needless to say I found a dress. Well I found many dresses to be perfectly honest but managed to narrow it down to one, gorgeous little number from Reiss. Only issue was I needed a different size and they were unfortunately unable to deliver. So as I type this message, the size that I need is being transported up to the Nottingham’s Reiss so that I can go to the shop and try it on. And if my dreams come true then hopefully I will then have a grad ball dress!!! 
The only thing left now is the shoes…
Anyway, as I previously mentioned it was my father’s burtday. So to celebrate, yesterday evening, we had a gorgeous meal at Coq D’argent (a roof top restaurant and bar) by Bank in the city. For anyone that is looking for a cool place to go in the city I recommend this place. I’ve been there a few times before and I’ve loved it, particularly when it is nice weather.
Roof top terrace, excellent place for pimms in the summer.
Needless to say the food was divine, as was the celebratory Prosecco, obviously.
 Beef carpaccio, with peeled vegetables.

 Duck a l’orange

Chin! Chin!
and of course Creme Brulee… complete with a birthday candle for daddio.
cute huh.

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