Shopping Like Pringles.

A day out shopping. A favourite past time for many girls (and boys). The feeling of enjoyment that you get when you have just grabbed a bargin or have just made a solid investment (ppw)* and merely the thrill of having new clothes and the thought process of “Where shall I wear this to?” begins.

Personally I tend to find that once I have found an item I like and buy, I find myself looking for more things that will go nicely with my recent purchase…it all just tends to escalate very quickly…In the words of Mr Pringles, “once you pop you can’t stop.”

This was in fact my weekend.

Neither myself nor my debit card saw it coming.

It all started off so innocent. 21st Birthday present for housemate. No problem. (Which btw she loved)

Thomas Sabo Pearl Charm Carrier; Thomas Sabo Silver Starfish Charm
Next stop… I had to go to get my Grad Ball dress from Reiss (which to be fair I had already chosen). I went in there. Tried it on. I fell in love with it all over again. So really there was no point in holding back was there?

Now it sits here in pride of place on my wardrobe waiting till June 13th. 
Right, that was it in my mind. “Time to head home and crack on with revision, my bank account has had enough for today.” Fair enough. 
However apparently the weather man has something against me. Entirely his fault that I had to run in to Zara to get out of the rain. So it therefore is also his fault that I bought a pair of jeans also. Bastard.
Seizing the gap in the rain showers I headed home. However I had already caught the fever of Mr Pringles. I had already spent a lot so surely having a quick browse online wouldn’t hurt. It did.
After browsing my usual haunts of ASOS and Boohoo, as well as some newly discovered gems (which shall be discussed on a later post) I felt my fever pass for the day…After my quick purchase of a new white skater shirt, a black off-the-shoulder crop top and a cobalt blue birthday dress. 
Summer shop done. No more please.
Well for now anyway…

*ppw – Price Per Wear (the only way to think about purchases if you aren’t entirely sure if you want them)

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