The Big 2 1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Indeed, yesterday was my 21st Birthday.
Two thoughts came to  my mind…YAY BIRTHDAY but noooo I’m actually an adult…bugger.

Yesterday commenced beautifully, with breakfast brought to me in bed from the house girlies. Croissants, and a cocktail glass full of strawberries. With accompanying tea brought by the boyfriend Jonathan. Additionally a lovely birthday morning face time call from my best friend, the one and only Katie Main (who is coming to see my face as soon as I finish to celebrate with me!)

Post-morning scrummies, was the opening of some presents and cards. Cards sent up by family etc. Then I received my present from Jonathan. I must say he did well. Very well in fact. Firstly receiving cupcakes from Johnnies Cupcakes…so it is like he made them..

Additionally to a little present box consisting of some beautiful Pandora earrings (which he proudly proclaimed to have actually chosen all by himself)

Next I unfolded a piece of paper, detailing to me that I have won a prize due to my great taste in boyfriends (ha). That prize however is a good’un. A nights stay on the 3rd June in a 5* hotel in London along the Thames, with dinner and drinks already planned out. Well done kid. Well done. Needless to say I was VERY happy with that, with the added bonus of also receiving a pair of socks declaring “cosy toes.”… apparently they didn’t have any that said “chubby toes” and for that I am grateful.

The door bell rang so I then received my next delivery of cupcakes which are from my mother. They have become a tradition since being at University really…

Having this amount of gorgeous cupcakes is not beneficial to the bikini body. BUT it is my birthday so HA.
I heard the door bell ring again, assuming it was the post man with some more deliveries of some sort. 
Standing there with presents and balloon in hand was my cheeky little Irish mother. Gleefully standing there and shouting SURPRISE! It was indeed such a nice surprise and apparently my face was picture worthy. Somewhat like… “MUMMY!….wait…What the hell are you doing here?!?”
So after getting over the surprise of my mother’s arrival at my Nottingham student house, present opening, and a skype call from my sister in Oz ( who is now ENGAGED btw. exciting stuff). Myself, my mother and Jonathan headed out for the day (the girls were all revising)
We headed out to Wollaton Park, which to those who have never been is actually the home of Batman…I’ll let the pictures explain…
recognise it now?
 (for those that don’t it is Batman’s homes in the latest Batman trilogy)
We did actually go inside but inside it’s more of a museum of art and stuffed animals.. but the grounds were vast 

 the weather was a bit fickle…

what? It was my Birthday.

By the time evening came, it was time for muma to return back down to London 🙁 
However before she left, herself and my house all managed to have tea and cupcakes, where I then received my present from my house. A beautiful gold Marc Jacobs bracelet, I am indeed one lucky lady.

Later on I then went for a casual meal in pizza express. Because really you cant go wrong with that place and I still got to have some bubbly.

What a day.
My celebrations are continuing tonight with dinner with the girlies and a couple of our boys.
My plan for this birthday is to drag it out for as long as possible…which is made possible by the fact that we are still in middle of exams.
So cheers to that!

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