Degree, 21, young and fun.

That’s right folks, my degree is done. I can cross that off the bucket list. *check*

So not only have I managed to get through my 3 year degree, but I have now also officially celebrated and dragged out my 21st Birthday.

Last weekend I received my Birthday present from Jonathan, which as I told you before in my official birthday post was a romantic weekend in London, with lunch, spa, dinner, drinks and a hotel along the Thames.

A Room with a View.

Lunch On the Thames:

Followed by a Trip to the Spa:

Trip to Powder Keg Diplomacy:

 Leek and Potato Soup for me
 Lobster Brisque for Him
 Can’t go wrong with a bit of Rib-eye steak
Lamb for the Boy
and a simple, salted caramel and honeycomb ice cream for dessert. Nom Nom Nom.

followed by some rather delicious yet oddly named cocktails…
“What does Shrub mean?”…I don’t know but it sure is tasty.
Then to the Bar…

 Raspberry Daquari? Don’t mind if I do…
 Some interestingly namely spirits these days…
So after a lovely evening along the Thames, the following day we opted for Brunch at a French Patisserie…

Followed by Champagne and Strawberries in the park, and cake at the outside the British Library before getting the train back up to Nottingham for our final few weeks of fun…

Think it is safe to say that I was incredibly spoilt and one lucky girly. Since I have been incredibly slack of late with my blog posts I have much more to catch you all up on, such as my best friend Kate coming up to visit me! Next blog post shall be imminent I promise.

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