Goodbye Uni. A Fond Farewell.

So that’s it. My time at university is done. I am sitting here in my near to empty student room contemplating what I have done for the past three years.

Well one thing is for certain I have had a blast. I have made friends for life. I have drank my weight in alcohol. And to top it off I have gained a 2.1. BA in Ancient History. Not bad ay. (although graduation is not for another few weeks)

These last few weeks have been amazing, emotional but amazing. What with graduation ball, the hot tub, numerous BBQs, boat parties and our final nights out at our favourite haunts, we have lived the notts uni dream.

Grad Ball

Grad ball, the formal farewell to university life.

Myself and the girls opted for a late lunch at Piccolinos and then started to get prettified…
Dress: Reiss; Shoes: Zara
Some photos followed by a classy prelash

 We then arrived at Colwick Hall :

Which commenced our night of debauchery…

and eating…


…followed then by breakfast at the Warsaw Diner in town with the boyf…

The Final Days

The rest of this week has largely contained eating, drinking, dancing and a few emotional moments. 
Myself and the boyfriend decided to have a last wonder around campus and we seemed to have made a few friends…

Followed then by the final Crisis all-nighter, which resulted in being potentially the best night at uni. we drank, we danced, we chanted, we cried and we refused to leave.
Friday night, was our final uni night out. ever. We joined our group of boys for the final pre drinks; which undoubtebly got out of hand with Ring of Fire being the game of choice…


Nottingham it has been a blast.

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