House on Tour

To commemorate the end of uni and the end of our house of 5 girlies, we decided to go abroad.
We opted for Gumbet, Bodrum in Turkey for a week in the 40 degree sun. Let the fun commence…

Gumbet, a smallish town on the outskirts of Bodrum, with a great mix of clubs, restaurants and shops.

The Beach

The beach was beautiful and played host to some amazing bars which provided our water front deck chairs with waiter service.



The Culture

We made a couple of trips into the centre of Bodrum, a bustling town full of history, mosques, yachts and markets. Here you can fully get to grips with bartering and you can truely grab a bargin especially with the exchange rate being ah-mazing (the pound being nearly worth 3 lira)

We made a trip to the castle and museum of underwater archaeology ( so I could get my now degree qualified geek on) and it was so worth the trip, both for my inner geek and for the stunning views.







The Food

We had all but one night eating out at restaurants, seizing the opportunity to try some Turkish cuisine and obviously some fresh fish.




So we had the beaches, the food, the culture and the shopping down…what else was left to do on a girls ┬áholiday other than go out?

The Night Life

A large benefit of going out in turkey as a big group of girls? the free drinks.






Our nights out were fully cured by some fresh bread and a swim the next day.

The Pool




Stay tuned for Turkey blog post numero 2.

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