I’m on a Boat.

Our last day of our ‘farewell to uni’ trip to Turkey had to be one to remember, so what better way to do it than to spend the last day on an all inclusive cruise, exploring the Turkish coves.
In the immortal words of The Lonely Island, “I’m on a boat mother fucker, don’t you ever forget.”

We set off rather early, sun creamed up and hopped aboard.
Obviously no boat trip can be had without the Titantic picture moments…(not the sinking part.)

“Look Jack I’m flying!”
“I’m the King of the World” bit.
We made about 4/5 different stops at different coves, all beautiful with the water being so clear, enough to see the fish swimming past your feet. We stopped for about an hour each time and we fully utilised the phrase “to jump ship”


We arrived back at about 4, and had several hours to kill until our plane which was at 02:45 in the morning, so the rest of the day largely consisted of sunbathing, playing cards and eating more.
If you do go to Turkey, I would definitely recommend going on a boat cruise, there is no other way to see all the gorgeous coves (additionally it is the best way to catch the last bit of your tan)
My first “Girls” holiday, and certainly not my last. These girls have been my best friends since uni began and I feel incredibly lucky to have met them in freshers. I am sorely going to miss living with them, but it is definitely not the end, just on to the next chapter.
Ladies…Its been swell.
Freshers Term 2010

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