The Graduate

So that’s it. Uni is done. I have fully graduated, had the ceremony, received my degree, the whole shebang.

Being graced at the moment in Britain with a gorgeous summer, my graduation date was no different, with highs up to 30 degrees that suited me just fine, even though under my dress, gown and cap (mortar board if you want to be precise) was I becoming increasingly sticky throughout the day. (nice)
However the sun made the pictures perfect, as though that was what the whole university experience up in Nottingham had been like.

Proud moment with my pops
The ceremony itself wasn’t actually too bad, didn’t go on for a ridic amount of time. (That was probably helped by the fact that every graduands mind was hell-bent on not tripping over.) The walk across the stage after your name was announced seemed like a daunting one, that one moment where all eyes are on you, to congratulate you in your achievement of gaining a degree. However once in stride, I don’t think I stopped smiling. Receiving that certificate of fully stating that I received a 2.1. and that there was no mistaking my grade, I held a sense of pride that I didn’t think I would really feel. Like holy shit I have a good degree, and from one of the top 100 universities in the world. I think I deserve a glass of champagne.
Before the ceremony started, where the nerves were at an all time high.
The Obvious Group Hat Throw Pic
Me and proud Muma Cremona
Me and the Girls who I couldn’t have done it without. 
To finish off the day, myself and my parents went to one of my favourite Nottingham restaurants, Sinatras. Where I dived right into my Prosecco, alongside my sweet potato and leek soup, followed by the best chicken dish known to man. Roasted chicken breast, topped with white wine sauce, with sugar snap peas and bacon infused mash. oh god.
So after stuffing myself until I was fairly sure that nothing else could possibly fit in my dress, I said goodbye to Nottingham. Now I was fairly sure that I was all cried out in my last week of being at uni, but alas another little tear managed to find its way out as I waved good bye to my house and the campus. Think I’m going to miss it.

You stay classy Nottingham Uni.

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