Summer Summer Summer Time

Summer madness. Sun, sea, short shorts, drinking and dancing. The way summer should be right? if not it always should be.

The past few weeks have been the definition of, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” hence the lack of blog posts. my bad.


So let’s kick this bad boy off with a sunny trip to Spain, Fuengirola to be exact. With the bestie, Kate, to be truely exact.
A 5 day trip to the Costa Del Sol, where we unexpectedly made friends with a group of Swiss guys, of whom easily persuaded us to go out every night until 6 am. (and here I thought my wild uni style nights were over)

The days focused around sunbathing and food…





prawns pil pil (in other words… so much garlic…gum is reccomended for dessert)






The Nights were more focused on dancing and drinking. standard.


“dos slippery nipples por favor”


Turns out Swiss drinking games are very similar to our own. Who’d have thought it?
Despite the short time that we had there, we had a blast, and earned ourselves a good alcohol detox plan for the following week, and Kate bagged herself a cheeky Swiss suitor.
ahhh summer romance. Cheeky.

Wireless Festival

I ventured out to my first ever festival this summer, to none other than Wireless, as a belated birthday gift from my sister who returned from Oz for a flying two week visit back home.
We started the day with a champagne brunch at Balans with my sister’s friends who were ready to celebrate my sister’s return home.
Our tickets were for the Saturday (its own super saturday) where we got to bust a move to the likes of Macklemore, DJ Fresh, Rita Ora, Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah and to finish off an amazing day was the one and only Jay Z with a surprise appearance from a Mr Justin Timberlake, who ensured I filled my screaming quota for the day.

Sisterly Duty

So the primary reason for my sisters quick visit home was to basically plan her wedding (due to be next year) back here in England, so there are certain things that needed to be sorted for it and not from the other side of the world.
Being a bridesmaid and a sister therefore means that it was high time for wedding dress shopping,



With looking so far at a total of three shops, the amount of “favourite dresses” my sister accumulated was 7, I don’t think she agreed with the saying of, “When you try on THE dress, you’ll know”
Who can blame her though? Trying on multiple beautiful dresses, seems like a dream day.
Blessed by the incredible summer that we have been having here in England this year, it made more days out possible, such as having a ma-who-ssive M&S picnic on Hampstead Heath


followed then by afternoon glass of champagne or two at the Forresters Arms…



And then dinner with muma and papa at the Osteria






As well as being able to say farewell and congrats to my sister and Chris for their engagement at the end of their trip with a little shindig at the Sterling in the Gherkin, that was fuelled by rose, beer and food. Needless to say we had a good time.




And we said farewell really and truely and I can’t wait to see them both again when I finish my travels in Oz next year!

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