What Happens in Vegas…

So for the past two weeks I have been sweating it out in the Nevada Desert more specifically in city of Las Vegas avec mes parents et the boyfriend. Not my first time here, however, my first time going to the States and being of age, an immediate plus.
I won’t try to squeeze the whole two weeks into the one blog post, so you can expect a couple more of these Vegas beauties as there is too much to tell, from the hotels, the bars, the gambling, the food, the grand canyon, the hoover dam, more food and theatrical shows.

To kick start week 1; The Hotels

The hotels in Vegas, aren’t like normal hotels, to the people that have been there before you’ll know what I mean when I say they are more like theme parks, with some of them actually equipped with roller coasters, zoos or aquariums.
Most of them are stacked with slot machines, black jack and poker tables, surrounded then by an array of shops, (most of which cater to the high rollers of the casino) bars and restaurants (and even most of those are famous themselves for the best steak/burger/margaritas in town or are normally filled with celebrity clientele)
Each hotel tries to boast its own features, and many have their own theme;

Some of my favourites…


In answer to Alan’s question, no Caesar did not actually live here. Disappointing I know.
 Caesar…overseeing the gambling


Caesars boasted a huge range of places to eat, or simply to sit and have a coffee (or a “cup o’ Joe”) and we chose to stop off at Chocolate by the Bald Man, which was originally chosen for the humourous name, and it turns out the Bald man does makes good chocolate.

 and good chocolate shakes.


The Bellagio

 The Bellagio has more of a classic luxury style to it than Caesars does and it holds a beautiful indoor giant Garden, like Honey I shrunk the Kids style.









As already indicated in many previous posts I have a weakness for chocolate, therefore going past this place had me drooling in a matter of seconds…

 With the melted chocolate trickling down the ceiling…


 down the walls…


into beautiful chocolate puddles on the floor
 obviously they sold chocolatey goods too.

However no description of the Bellagio can be complete without mentioning its famous fountains…

putting on different performances every half an hour, they were beautiful and as one of my friends said, “you can hear the Ocean’s 11 soundtrack now.”

The Wynn

One of the more newer hotels on the strip did not fail to impress



I don’t actually know these people but just thought it was such a gorgeous wedding shot (it wasn’t creepy I promise)
 Parasol Up Parasol Down, a beautiful bar theme with a beautiful view….
 Although you can’t properly see it in the picture, there was water cascading down the wall.


 I told ya, slot machines literally everywhere.
A peacock entrance to the high rollers room…what other kind of entrance is there really.

The Venetian





 Yep…that would be a river running through the hotel, on which you can get a Gondola ride. casual.
 St Marks Square, where we dined at one of Wolfgang Puck’s amazing restaurants


 Calamari and Prawns
 Potentially the best steak I’ve ever had.
 Whilst Jonny opted for the Chicken, in a lemon and caper sauce
He then followed that with basically chocolate balls… (cheeky)

And finally we have; The Mirage

Home of the Secret Garden, basically a mini zoo within the Hotel grounds itself…










Finishing off looking at the adorable animals at the buffet,
 just for clarification Vegas buffets are unreal, the food is ah-mazing



 A little snippet of the dessert section



 and jonny illustrated how we all felt after stuffing our faces.
Additionally I feel that that photo is a good one to finish off this chapter of the Vegas adventure.

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