The Grand Canyon

So amid our Vegas adventure, we took a 4 hour old school american road trip to the Grand Canyon. Well technically we originally drove to a small and rather wild western town called Williams, near the Canyon, where we planned to stay the night before getting up early for our helicopter ride over the Canyon.

Our road trip took us down the rather famous Route 66 to the wild west…









 Obviously we had to stop along the way for food too, traditional american meal time as you can see. Potentially one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.
Arriving then 3 hours later at Williams the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”

A small town largely consisting of a few restaurants, and souvenir shops consisting of an interesting mix of tin signs, hot sauce,  Native American made jewellery and knives and obviously like anywhere in America guns.

When asking the shop assistant about some of the hand crafted knives, we were given an insight as to what he was carrying around that day, which he described as “Standard Rig,” 5 inch Native American hand crafted knife and a shot gun…slight culture difference between the south of America and the UK I suppose!




my personal favourite brand name of hot sauce…”Ass in the Tub”



 Wild west-y right?


If anyone does go to see the Grand Canyon, I would recommend going to the little town of Williams for a night, genuinely such a cute little town that tries to maintain some of its Wild Western routes, and even puts on a town show of an old fashioned cowboy shoot out.

Right now on to the main event…

The Grand Canyon.

Setting off early in the morning to the Helicopter airport;

Getting ready for take off…








and off we go!!




and over the forest plain…
the view was unbelievable







After the helicopter ride, we were able to walk around the national park, where we pretty much posed on every single cliff edge as the background was too epic

and evidently the temptation to look like you were falling off the edge of a cliff was clearly too much for Jonny…





As you can see particularly from that video, seeing the Grand Canyon was AMAZING. Literally I have never been in so much awe in my life. Definitely something that should be on everyone’s bucket list in their life.

Stay tuned for Vegas part III


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