A week in the Spanish countryside.

So to top off the summer holidays I spent a week in the Spanish countryside with Jonathan and his family, just outside the little town of Ronda.

Making a large comparison to two weeks in LasVegas, this holiday was much more chilled, with most of the days consisting of lying by the pool, having a couple of beers and eating.

The villa that we stayed in was comparable to that of a place that had been on Grand Designs, in other words it was beautiful…

 our room…
 front room




 Jonny’s muma











 Pretty good view right?



So it kinda was like paradise in the country side.

Occasionally we did venture into town for a spot of sight seeing, and obviously for some authentic Spanish tapas and Sangeria.
Ronda is famous for its one very deep gorge, which was beautiful, with its small moorish style Spanish villages on either side.












The other key feature of Ronda is it’s legendary Bull Ring, which was somewhat reminiscent of Gladiatorial Arenas in ancient Rome, clearly I got my classics geek on.





 I can see youuu


 …Jonathan trying to be a gladiator… “Are you not entertained?!”
 and my feeble attempt…
 more so turned into a ta-dahhhh
We then managed to find a mine that had been built into the side of the gorge and was now surrounded by beautiful gardens;









 I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings…
As we worked our way down the stairs and eventually came to the bottom of the gorge where the view was beautiful.






The view at the bottom made the trek back up the stairs worth it.
So if the villa was not amazing enough it also came with some feline company in the shape of a little cat called Peeps, who belonged to the family who owned the house. Generally I am more of a dog person, but this cat was literally the friendliest one I had ever met.
 Look at her getting all comfy.



 “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furrrrr”
Needless to say now that I am back home in London I am longing to be back on holiday enjoying the sun, food, culture, and obviously doing nothing with my days other than sunbathing and being a tourist.


But alas I suppose I needed to join the real world and get a job at some point right?


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