A Shoreditch Adventure

So seeing as how I am currently playing the role of a “city girl” I feel like I should know about some more “trendy” bars within the city. Therefore Wednesday night, when meeting my friend Mily, we went on a little Shoreditch cocktail-seeking adventure.

Starting the night on the very street that I work on, we stopped into the “Whistling Shop.” A Victorian, speak-easy cellar bar, which, I won’t lie it was pretty cool, you know once your eyes adjusted to the darkness of it. The dark wood with gold-embellished surroundings was complemented by the dim lighting and candles atop of oak barrels in most corners, not to mention the stuffed dear head that was mounted on the wall, watching the bar staff get jazzy with the cocktail making.

I opted to go for a wine cocktail, named Rose Sangree, not my normal type of cocktail but it was good, despite the potent taste of lavender. Mily opted for something different, which was topped with absinthe which had initially put me off but to my surprise tasted really nice. They don’t really have the traditional cocktails in here, so if you go, don’t be afraid of being a bit more adventurous.
The bar itself also hosts its own mini distillery as well as a Dram Shop and an Honesty Bar, where you pay how much you feel you owe which I thought was rather genius.

Next stop on the cocktail trail.

Calloh Callay. Based in Shoreditch, less than a 10 minute walk (in heels) from our first stop. Now for this one we booked a table, and if your thinking of going there I would recommend it, especially towards the end of the week.
Slightly mixed themes in this quirky bar, but all in all was definitely worth the visit and fairly sure I will be returning. You first enter into an “alice in wonderland” themed bar which had a rather bustling vibe, we were then escorted through the Wardrobe (yes. you read that correctly) at the back of the room which lead onto the rest of the bar. Needless to say that walk through the wardrobe alone had me sold.

So we got comfy in our seats in the funky mirror room, bobbing our heads along to some truly epic 90s music and had a browse through the Calloh Calley Year Book (their menu). Cocktails were decided upon along with a spot of food to share, the beer battered chips and calamari. Despite taking a while to come, we decided it was worth the wait, and came to the conclusion that beer battered chips really should be available everywhere.




The final stop of the night was the Hoxton Pony. I had heard that it was a (for lack of a better word) “cool” place and so we decided to give it a quick spin. For future reference, if you are ever going to go to the Hoxton Pony, find out if there is a event on that night… turns out we had stopped into a Corporate singles night…which made for some interesting conversations with people. We thought we would make the most of it regardless and grabbed a couple of cocktails and then made the mistake of drinking out of red straws, which we were then informed by some giggling woman meant something at a singles night although she failed to explain what…we then needless to say removed the straws.

So I don’t think that I got to fully appreciate the Hoxton Pony, so I shall have to return another night, a normal non-corporate-singles night…

Anyway thought I would also give you a little glimpse of some of the street art in the trendy and alternative town of Shoreditch which I personally quite liked…

All in all I think our initial Shoreditch cocktail-seeking adventure went down a treat, and along the way we definitely discovered some more bars in the “ever-so-trendy” town of Shoreditch that are in need of trying on…so I feel there may soon be a part 2 of this Shoreditch adventure.

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