Halloween – somewhat belated.

Halloween. Either; the one night a year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything, or the one night a year that you can spot a black cat guarding the old Sanderson house in case a virgin lights the black flame candle and brings the witches back to life. Either way you know its going to be a night to remember.

All Hallows Eve, is a particular favourite holiday of mine – and probably of many fat kids. Not only because I love fancy dress and anything that means that I can dress up and kinda pretend I am still at uni is good with me. But also my yearly traditions that go alongside a night out of some sort…Principally watching the greatest Halloween film of all time Hocus Pocus. Never EVER will I be too old to enjoy this film. Reasons for it’s greatness have been beautifully summed on a good ol’ Buzzfeed article (here)

So this year, my Halloween was celebrated with Kate in London, to be a bit more specific at Chelsea’s Upper West. Baring this location in mind, I could hardly go full-on corpse bride like I did last year.

So this years outfit was a more subtle Skeleton.


outfit thanks to boohoo
The night was good and as always, good music = fantastic dance moves by Kate and yours truly – of which was maintained for several hours, landing me home at 3 in the morning and having to get up early (6:20am) the following morning for work. I won’t lie, I was impressed with myself.

Thursday night then (actually halloween) was celebrated by pizza and a ridiculous amount of chocolate that my mum had bought for a grand total of two trick or treaters… yes I ate the rest… and no I’m not even sorry.

So Halloween continued into the weekend with Red Velvet Halloween cupcakes, the recipe to which I shall post on another day. Not going to be humble about this, they were amazing.



One of these with a cuppa tea. oh my.

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