Walking in a Winter Wonderland


I am sure you are all aware of this fact, but let me remind you again. CHRISTMAS IS COMING.
Being the slight child that I am, I love Christmas. The lights, the snow, the presents and of course the FOOD.

Last year, I went down under to Sydney and Byron Bay  to see my sister from Christmas, obviously I had the most amazing time, but when arriving back in the UK I felt that I had missed out Christmas. Don’t get me wrong we still managed to make a Christmas dinner, but with a potted palm tree as a make shift xmas tree and sunbathing on the beach on Christmas day, just seemed a bit surreal really.

So this year, with me being at home we are doing everything properly. What better way was there to start December than to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park? I’ll tell you. there wasn’t.

So equipped with a wooly jumper, leather trousers, nike blazer high tops and Jonathan I was ready to walk around a winter wonderland.

The smells of this place are incredible, nearly every other stall sells either Belgian Waffles, cinnamon buns, steak burgers, pulled pork or German sausages. So of course we had to make a stop nearly immediately…


And obviously you can’t go to Winter Wonderland, which is basically a fun fair without going on AT LEAST one ride. I convinced Jonny to come on this one…

He tends not like going on rides with me as instead of screaming, I just laugh hysterically, and it scares him apparently.

Additionally seeing as how he failed to win me anything on the arcade games, he made up for it by buying me a drink in a charming little wooden bar… which then lead to me doing what I do best… busting a move.


So no trip to Winter Wonderland is complete without a tasty treat. The choice of what to get was then made simple by walking past a little boy eating something so delicious that he had to share it with the rest of his face. A Nutella covered crepe it was.

So I definitely forgot to take a photo of the actual thing… due to the fact that I am a greedy pig and ate most of it before I could remember.
Don’t judge me.
You go there yourself and get one and see how it hard it is to remember to take a photo when your mouth is watering.


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