A Return to Nottingham

I have an audition for a drama school in one week. I needed help with the Bards work, its not just a thing that you know how to perform. So I called in reinforcements. This weekend I returned to my student haunt  – Nottingham – in an attempt to gain help from thespians to learn all about Verse. Insightful? Yes. Helpful? Yes. A great excuse to pretend to be a student for a weekend again?  Abso-frikin-lutely.

My weekend trip up seemingly ended up in being the weekend that seemingly a lot of uni friends had decided to return – resulting in 3 girls and 6 guys having a fairly messy weekend. Needless to say I brought a wheely case with me, no clue what to wear to re-visit some of our old student haunts. Was it an Asos or a Zara job?? Options from both had to be brought…along with boohoo and topshop options.

Cramming into one house for a big pre on Friday night before hitting the usual student Friday scene – Ocean. 

We drank. we danced. We stayed till the lights came on. Apparently there was also an after party – however by that point I was grateful to take off my heels and makeup and replace my Zara dress with my PJs and crawl into bed.

The only picture that  emerged from the first night out summed it up nicely.

You see those blue ones there…my question is why. why make shots that look like washing detergent?!

The next day was not great I will not tell a lie, the morning and luckily my rehearsals for my monologues went all swimmingly. It all went downhill after that. Luckily however by 6 o’clock I was happy again, venturing out to the Ropewalk for dinner with everyone before night number 2.
Night number 2. I took it much easier – consuming very little drink, but enabling myself to dance like a complete idiot like I love and there was no judgement as everyone around was much more drunken. I didn’t get messy but many-a-friend did which made for amusing anecdotes in the morning. Still not getting home again till the early hours but waking up on Sunday morning and not feeling like death – in fact feeling pretty fresh enables a slightly smug feeling.

Only a couple more photos from the pre on night number two.

My Sunday was then topped off nicely by a pizza in Bella Italia with Georgie before jumping on the long train journey home. Needless to say I was sitting in bed by 9 and lights out at half 9. Turns out I just can’t hack the student lifestyle anymore. OK let’s not be rash. More like the Fresher lifestyle – the thought of going out more than one night in a row now somewhat makes me want to hide under my duvet with my good friends Netflix and Tea. 

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