St. Vals.

February 14th. A date which I’m neither here nor there about really… I mean there is a lot of hype around it or a lot of hate towards in some cases, but I don’t really have a strong enough opinion on it to state. If anything it has just become an excuse for date night – date night means food therefore I am all up for this. You know me. I don’t say no to a nice meal out.

Getting to the food part in a bit though, due to the hype about it, people tend to pressure you to do something that is crazy romantic and normally myself and Jonny tend to just stuff ourselves to oblivion in somewhere like tgis, however this year – seeing as how we are back in London and not at uni – we thought we would try something a bit different. Dinner and a Show. I know. Cheesey american movie date or what. But seriously I love food, he loves food, I love theatre…he is not so crazy about it- so an occasion has to arise for this to be an acceptable evening activity.

The first problem that greeted me was a valentines card, I don’t like anything which is so cheesy its enough to have with crackers at the end of a meal and I had to hold myself back from getting anything too inappropriate – (we are both living back at home now so anything too nudge nudge wink wink is just too awkward to deal with when his parents or even his grandma sees it)

The Second problem; what to wear. A problem that has haunted girls (and guys i’m sure) for decades. I decided I wanted a dress, of the rouge variety – seemed fitting with the holiday. I have around 5 dresses of this specification so the decision was narrowed down and then it was merely a matter of which was most appropriate. Decision made. Long sleeved velvet maroon dress it was.

The Date:
Jonny had clearly gone with the seasonal colour theme too, opting to wear his red chinos and a shirt.

Arriving at the restaurant was a relief from the rain so we swiftly got comfortable and ordered a bottle of wine. Boyds Brasserie, a beautifully decorated upmarket British restaurant.

Starting with two small plates of British tapas each, Jonny with a Goats cheese tart and a chicken and rabbit terrine, myself opting for the Lobster Bisque and the Pork Belly with Apple Sauce. Nom.

The Pork Belly
The Lobster Bisque

So for mains Jonny had Lamb, with dauphinois potatoes whilst I brought the elegance of the meal down with a burger. Don’t get mad OK? I am not a big fan of lamb and I was fancying meat not fish and the burger just sounded so good, topped with slices of brie and flavoured with onion marmalade. leave me alone. and leave my side of amazing mash potatoes alone. yes i had a bit of a carb fest. shh

but look at it. LOOK AT IT.

ahem anyway moving onto desert. I was originally thinking no I’m really full I can’t, but then I looked at their menu. damn it.  I went for the warm bakewell tart with cinnamon ice cream, the ice cream was really nice, but the “tart” was more like a cake, call me picky but it wasn’t my fav.

Jonny went for the chocolate mousse, popcorn ice cream, and a caramel malt. This was good. The mousse was my favourite part. The popcorn ice cream I wasn’t a fan of at all,  but the caramel malt was good and just looked so damn cute.

The night then continued with us waddling over to the Wyndeham theatre to watch The Weir.


The set depicts a country Irish pub, with mostly the locals as customers, and they share ghost stories. It sounds weird and not that amazing but it really was. Firstly I loved the rather true depiction of Irish country pubs, having stayed at my grandparents house in the middle of the country side many a time, the set and the show of Irish hospitality especially towards a woman was pretty spot on. Additionally the acting itself was extremely good and I had a bit of an excited fit when I realised that Brian Cox was in this play. Being the big Classics loser that I am, of course I love the film Troy where he plays Agamemnon so there was me whispering to Jonny “holy shit its Agamemnon – BURN TROY” – its cool I’ve accepted my weirdness.So yes that was my Valentines. Cheesy? Yes quite.

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