Roaming in Rome

Rome. Home of amazing history, amazing food and amazing drink, so a cheeky weekend trip in Spring time couldn’t go wrong really.

Staying at the Duke Hotel on the outskirts of the centre of town with a lovely little deal from Secret Escapes, we had a beautiful base. (side not: Their breakfast pastries are to die for)

We had three days to “do” Rome, definitely achievable but busy. (If you are thinking of heading to Rome in mid-summer I would give yourself a bit longer to do it all.)


One of the absolute pleasures of Rome is that a lot of it is within walking distance to each other, which is a rather awe inspiring thought, to walk past so many famous historical monuments within moments of each other. So to get a feel for the city, pop your comfy sandals on and get to walking down the various lanes full of beautiful shops and delicious smelling food and you will be constantly enthralled by what you will find.


As an obvious tip, when going for a short amount of time, have a vague idea in your head as to what you want to do on each day.


Take a walk to the top of the Spanish Steps and take in the view, it is pretty epic.


Then obviously take a stop and enjoy some Prosecco with some amazing surroundings.IMG_8301

Check out the rather impressive government building, Altare della PatriaIMG_8310


And the view from the roof is really rather spectacular.IMG_8346

To be totally honest with you, you will struggle to find anywhere in Rome that doesn’t have beautiful scenery.IMG_8352


As I said, getting around the city is easily walkable but there are millions of cabs and even a quirky looking metro system.IMG_8359




So going into our second day, we went to visit the Pope or il Papa if you will and his home is something of true beauty.








IMG_8504And my favourite corridor in the Vatican Museums, this ceiling is too beautiful.
IMG_8521With maps covering the entirety of the walls, I managed to spot a familiar place…


This city is just so beautiful, it is too difficult to keep it to one post.


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