Pakse a Must-see

Continuing on the Laos: The Real Gem of Asia saga, I present to you Pakse.

Another stop that is often overlooked in the south of Laos, bringing you the best waterfalls and best roads for motorbiking in the country. If you are looking for beach luxury then this probably isn’t for you but if you are looking for some hiking, some amazing views and adventures then make this an essential stop on your trip.

Pakse is in fact the capital of southern Laos and has a big commerce centre however depending on where you stay, it has a very small town feel with really friendly locals and blackouts in power every other day as standard. We arrived in a small group on one of their large taxi/tuk tuks in an area which our driver assured us was the centre of the town or apparently where all the hostels were – but seemed to us a bit like an abandoned town with a half finished road. Despite this we went in search  of our hostel: Nang Noi Guesthouse.  Remembering where you are, this place is very nice and has all the essentials, comfy bed, ensuite and wifi. It also had the best breakfast that I still look back upon with fondness, tea brewed in a large and beautifully decorated pot all to yourself with freshly baked brown rolls and gorgeously sweet marmalade. This probably seems incredibly simple but it was such a novelty by this point on our travels.

The real allure of this town though is not quaint guesthouses with seemingly glorious breakfasts, but the Bolaven Plateau and its surrounding waterfalls.

So grab a bike from your hostel – have a couple of practice runs on a non busy street if you have never driven one before – and go for a ride up into the plateau.



Perhaps buy a pineapple en route…


And enjoy the views.





Now, I would absolutely love to show you more photos of epic waterfalls… however falling off the bike and landing on the camera does in fact prohibit this. Remember kids, wear a helmet. Oh I also got sucked on by a leech and stung by a hornet all on the same day, seemingly an unlucky day for me, but still one of my favourites. Travelling is after all, a good story to tell.

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