Gozo: Through the Azure Window and Into the Citadel

Often when it comes to a holiday you tend to want to take your time and lazily wander around to take in the sights. However, if you are pressed for time, the small nature of the Maltese islands makes it entirely possible to do a whistle stop tour around some of the surrounding island’s main sites in a short space of time. I really wanted J to see Gozo, Malta’s quieter sister island, just as picturesque and beautiful but at a slower pace. Additionally it was where my grandmother was from so was a bit of a tour of my family’s history.

We jumped on board a last minute Captain Morgan cruise (not rum related) and we set sail into the blue waters of the Med, giving us an alternative view of Malta’s skyline.




Pulling into Gozo’s harbour, it’s beauty is quickly apparent.


The Azure Window

Upon arriving we were whisked away to one of Gozo’s most infamous sights, the Azure Window. An awe inspiring rock formation that has been a prized spot for location filming and its not hard to see why.



We were then whisked inland to the capital of Victoria. An extremely pretty old “city”, absolutely steeped in history.

When going on this type of tour you should bare in mind that they try to guide you to certain places for lunch (a place that often fulfills what they think tourists want) – a word to the wise you are better off going off and finding yourself a quaint cafe – preferably filled with locals.

We went off in search of a local pastizzeria. Having had pastizzi from a young age it seemed crazy to me that J hadn’t had any before. They are basically filo pastry parcels stuffed with either ricotta cheese or with peas, and they are delicious.


After your lunch have a wander around this city and head to the citadel. It has quite the astonishing view.







Tickled your travel buds? You may want to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon.



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