Malta’s Blue Lagoon

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a mermaid/merman then a trip to visit Malta’s Blue Lagoon is a must. Situated on Malta’s smallest island Comino, the Blue Lagoon is an absolutely stunning gem, a sapphire if you will, in the Mediterranean.



With the exception of one hotel, Comino is an uninhabited island, so no cars, no bikes, no big smoke, so the only way to get there is to jump on board a cruise boat or charter a sailing boat for the day to see the “must-sea”.



During the summer months it can get pretty packed on the tiny beach, so finding a good spot for topping up your tan may prove a bit more difficult, but remember it’s the crystal clear waters and the stunning scenery that you are actually there for.



Unsurprisingly it makes a good spot for photographers as well as walkers if you can tear yourself away from the water.



So if these pictures haven’t made you put Malta’s Blue Lagoon on your travel bucket list then I give up.

Have you checked out the rest of this stunning gem that is Malta yet? Why not take a look at it’s capital Valetta or why not take a wander through the medieval streets of Mdina? If you are a Game of Thrones buff you may enjoy taking a look through the Azure Window.

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