Dubai. The Beach Clubs.

So I was lucky enough to escape the Autumn/Winter weather and head out to Dubai in search of the sun and my expat BFF.

Dubai, what you could easily call an expat adult playground has an electric vibe to it. The city oozes wealth and extravagance, yet you can join in so easily and get addicted to the life that has attracted so many expats to its (half man-made) shores.

Flying into the city at sunrise
Dubai cityscape
Falling in style
Falling in style

When arriving at 7 am in the morning, after the obligatory cup of tea, there seemed only one logical thing to do on a Thursday afternoon in Dubai; head to a Beach Club. The place of choice was Zero Gravity, so aptly named as part of the Skydive company operating next door; as a guess if your going to do a skydive in the emirates, over the Palm would be a pretty good place for it. Regardless of the slowly falling tourists strapped on to a parachute, the beach club itself was fairly noteworthy; with not only its own private beach, infinity pool, stage, resident DJ, and their killer view of Dubai Marina, but their mojitos, espresso martinis and calamari are really something to brag about.

See I wasn’t exaggerating about the falling tourists.


Bikini from Triangl

We made it an all day affair, with lunch on our bed included and finishing off with one of Dubai’s stunning sunsets.


Dubai at Sunset

The views were pretty spectacular I think you will agree.

Sunset at zero gravity

The beach clubs in Dubai are numerous but in my whistle-stop visit I only had time for one more if I was going to also participate in Dubai’s famous Brunch.

Atlantis’ Nasimi Beach was therefore an obvious choice.

Atlantis from Nasimi

Atlantis, arguably one of Dubai’s most premier and well known hotels. It’s interior is obviously stunning:

01c00770806354ab4576255a24f3666a21135e8737 With unreal views:


However it was the beach club that took our attention for the day.

The beach club

Evidently being on the palm there are no waves, so the ocean suddenly becomes the perfect swimming pool.

Taking a paddle
Cityscape background
That city and that bikini

Bikini from Billabong.

Again, spending time at this beach club became an all day affair, once you pay for your bed you are guaranteed some money off your food and drink, so it was a no brainer. Particularly when they have cocktails that come in glasses like this, salads to die for and a view like this…

And again if you stay till sunset you are guaranteed some stunning views.



If you have any beach club recommendations for my next visit then let me know!

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  1. looks stunning! def on my bucket list of places to visit in the near near future x

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