Winters in Knole Park

Everyone seems to have their own list of winter must-dos particularly,  in the run up to Christmas, whether it be heading for the  local festive market, showing off their tricks on an ice rink, baking all sorts of festive themed treats or simply curling up by the fire with a glass or two of red wine.

Mine is having a wander around one of my favourite national parks, Knole, in Sevenoaks. Here, I get to pretend that I live in this beautiful manor and liken myself to Snow White whilst walking among the deer. Also the grounds surrounding the manor are fairly stunning.

Knole Manor
Knole Manor
Knole park, deer.
Some winter sun
Deer in front of Knole
Looking epic deer
Knole Park
Views in Knole Park

This year I decided to become a member of the National Trust. When I am home in the UK, heading out for long walks in their parks is one of my favourite past times so the decision seemed like an obvious one. Though, it was made easier upon finding out that membership is only half price for young people (under 26). So go and get!

Deers grazing in Knole Park
Oh deer
Winter Sun in Knole
Winter Sun

I know there are plenty of similar parks, like Richmond park, but this one just holds a special place for me. So if you are ever in the area, be sure to tell Bambi I said hi.

Sunset in Knole
Cold crisp winter days
Knole Park
The photos here will be continuous
Walking buddy

So grab your walking buddy, wrap up warm and maybe take a camera, because you are in for a treat.

Sky over Knole
That sky
Views in Knole
Keep walking

And you might even see something epic at sunset.

Horse rider gallops by at sunset
Horsing around at sunset


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  1. Great piece really love your work, reading all the way from Ireland Tom

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