What to do in Paris; The Eiffel Tower to L’hôtel des Invalides

Continuing the tour de Paris, the next obvious stop was the one and only:

Eiffel Tower.

The towering wrought iron structure stands in at 324 metres tall and is seen as both the Country’s and Capital’s most notable landmark…

Eiffel Tower
It’s not hard to see why… look at it!

There is something romantic about it which I guess helps with the whole “city of love” thing Paris has going on.

You can of course go up the Eiffel Tower for various rates and you can pre-purchase your tickets online. We however were in a rush to try and fit as much of the city in as possible so we opted to just walk around it and take in the view.

And what a view it is.

Eiffel Tower
This beautiful lady has no bad angle.

We figured a great way to take it all in, was to do as the Parisians do, just sit back and take a sip. So we did just that, finding a cosy cafe we warmed ourselves up with a gorgeous little hot chocolate…

Cafe Paris

And looked on in admiration.

Eiffel Tower

L’hôtel des Invalides

With camera in hand and belly warmed from the chocolate we moved on to L’hôtel des Invalides, a complex of museums and monuments on the military history of France.

 L'hôtel des Invalides
L’hôtel des Invalides

Being the history nerds that we are we delved right in. You do have to pay to enter however, if you are aged between 18-26 and live in the EU then you get free entry, ideal. This is in fact the case for a lot of the tourist hot spots within Paris so always ask before paying and bring some id with you. (For the full range of prices for Les Invalides head to their site)

L'Hotel des invalides

It is worth having a look round, particularly if you are interested in the history of France. The most notable display is Napoleon’s tomb.

Napoleon's tomb

I think you’ll agree it’s a fairly epically sized tomb, not to mention the view above.

Not a bad final resting place.

If history isn’t really your thing  then there is more to come on my tour of Paris in my next post however this city seems to be the most photographic place I have ever been to so you’re not exactly going to be short of places to see. Trust me.

River Seine
Over the River Seine
Paris by night
Paris by night
Paris by night
Constantly beautiful

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