What to do in Paris; Notre Dame to the Pantheon

Discovering two more hot spots in the beautiful city that is Paris, Notre Dame de Paris and the Panthéon.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame
Notre Dame

Notre Dame, one of the most famous Cathedrals in the world, not only for its’ gothic beauty and splendor but (for the younger generation anyway) for Disney’s adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame
Hunt for the gargoyles

The exterior of the cathedral is truly astounding and the hunt for the gargoyles becomes very real.

Admission into the cathedral is free and is well worth a visit, but be prepared to queue regardless of the time. Having selfishly been inside before on a previous trip we opted to stay outside and enjoy the sunset that Paris has to offer and watch the Cathedral and Paris slowly light up as evening fell.

Notre Dame at sunset
Sunset at Notre Dame
Notre Damn lights
Your standard tourist picture
Notre Dame
Notre Dame’s many angles
Sunset at Notre Dame
Potentially my favourite photo, one Quasimodo himself would be proud of.

Parisian Evenings.

Sunset views of Paris' Pantheon
Sunset views of Paris’ Pantheon

As I have mentioned before, Paris is one of those great cities that no matter where you walk to, you will constantly be surrounded by something stunning. Within 5 minutes from the Notre Dame you can find yourself walking across the Seine at sunset, something in my opinion which is really not to be missed.

Paris' City Hall
Paris’ City Hall

And once the sun goes down you can find easily find yourself a Brasserie or simply a bar for a sit down and a sip of something that tickles your fancy.

Cocktails in Paris
We found the St Regis. J with the Bordeaux and I had a hankering for a Pornstar martini that needed to be fulfilled.


As you saw in the pictures above, Rome is not the only city with a Pantheon (Panthéon). With the facade based upon the Roman equivalent, it’s initial purpose was to serve as a church for St Genevieve, but now serves as a mausoleum for a select few notable French citizens, such as famous historians, writers, noble prize winners and the likes.

Towering Pantheon through the streets of Paris
Front of the Panthéon
The towering front of the Panthéon

Like it’s Rome counterpart, the structure of the building is extremely impressive and standing both outside it and inside it, you can’t help but feel dwarfed.

Inside the Panthéon

Foucault's Pendulum.
Foucault’s Pendulum.

There is an admission fee for this beautiful place, but as with L’hotel Des Invalides, there are many ways to get around paying but particularly if you are aged between 18 -26 and from an EU country, entry is free.

Inside Paris' Pantheon

Jardin du Luxembourg

To give yourself a breath of fresh air after your Panthéon visit, head down the boulevard and into the the Luxembourg gardens.

Rue de Luxembourg
Rue de Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg
 Luxembourg Palace
Luxembourg Palace

Have a walk around or take a seat on a bench, and just enjoy the surroundings.

Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg

I think this is one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris, tell me your favourite in the comments!


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