Coogee, Sydney

Coogee, one of Sydney’s most beautiful beach-side suburbs (that’s right there is more than just Bondi) and one of my favourite destinations, not least because it is the glistening home to my sister and her brood but, also for its stunning beach and buzz of activity.

Normally I make a trip out at least once a year however, this year I didn’t tell my sister that I was coming out to see her as I decided to give her a little surprise. Now, I know what you are thinking, “that’s a pretty big secret to keep… the logistics alone…” but with the help of the whole family, the surprise went down a storm – there were literal floods of tears and video to prove it.

However,regardless of family reunions, I am about to tell you why Coogee should really be on your bucket list if you are making a trip to Sydney.

The Beach

Coogee beach, white sand and small waves, basically everything you want from a beach.

Coogee Beach

It is perfect for families thanks to Wedding Cake Island which breaks up any big waves coming in – (less ideal for surfers but ideal for paddle boarding)

Wedding cake island coogee

The Morning Buzz

As with a lot of beach based Sydney suburbs, the moment dawn breaks they become a hive of activity.

coogee dawn

And it is hard to not see why when you have mornings that look like this. Literal perfection.




Coogee sunriseYou will be pleased to hear that I am in the process of setting up a shop on my site, so you can buy epic shots like this – I’ll keep you posted on when they will be available.


Breakfast and Brunch are as much a part of modern Sydney culture as surfing is on Bondi and Coogee has a great morning food offering. A number of cafes line Coogee Bay Road and the beach front, each offering something that little bit different, however as standard avocado smash is a guarantee, that and great coffee (so I’ve been told – still sticking to my guns on the coffee is an acquired taste thing).

Brunch Coogee

Some personal faves such as Little Jack Horner as pictured above, which also does some great cocktails and live music in the evenings.

Barzura is another great little spot so that you can have your breakfast with a perfect view of the beach.

There are actually a lot of lovely restaurants in Coogee, if you’ve been to one that you think deserves a mention then drop me a comment and I’ll do another post on top places to eat!

The Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Coogee’s night life lights up. One of the main places to go is the newly opened Coogee Pavilion, taking the locals of Coogee from day to night with its all day restaurant on the bottom floor and the various bars dotted around the upper floors.

Coogee Pavilion

Alternatively there is the Coogee Bay Hotel, and of course with all these bars, they come with a fabulous view as standard.

Coogee Bay Hotel

The Shops

The suburbs of Sydney are rife with glorious boutiques and Coogee is no different. The selection of little shops will have you drooling for that one-of-a-kind playsuit or make you decide that the 10 bikinis that you bought for the 9 day trip weren’t enough and you need just that one more.

Shops in Coogee
Coogee Surf & Co

And of course from Coogee you can start on the famed coastal walk that takes you all the way to Bondi but that’s worth a whole post of its own. Stay tuned.

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