Jervis Bay National Parks

jervis bay national parks

Jervis Bay as I previously mentioned is a fantastic location for an escape away from the city of Sydney. Obviously the beaches are to die for, however if you’re not a beach bum there is plenty else to do; introducing the National Parks.

jervis bay national parks

The National Parks in Jervis Bay, encompass all the white sands, blue waters, as well as the forests and wetlands all of which have great ancestral connections to the local Aboriginal People, which to me seems to add an extra awe to the place.

So once we were done with beach lounging we opted for an afternoon of having a wander around this beautiful landscape.

jervis bay national parks

It ranged from walking along the rather epically beautiful coast,

jervis bay national parks coast line

jervis bay national parks coast line

To walking amongst the giants in the woodlands,

jervis bay national park

To meeting the local wildlife – which is always an incredible experience.

wildlife at jervis bay

wallaby, wildlife in jervis bay national park

wallaby wildlife in jervis bay national park

kookaburra wildlife at jervis bay national park

Australian’s wildlife at its best, wouldn’t you agree?

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