Bondi To Coogee Coastal Walk

Bringing you some of the best coastal views in all of Sydney, the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is a must for any trip to Sydney.

Obviously there is no rule as to which end you start, so lets start at Coogee to mix things up a bit.


With Wylie’s baths on one side and Giles baths on the other this is such a beauty spot.

Coogee beach

coogee sunrise

Featuring between the two baths, a stunning beach, with cafes a plenty surrounding – not a bad place to start or finish this walk. For more a more detailed low down on Coogee, I’ve already got you covered here.

Gordon’s Bay

This is my favourite bay on the entire coastal walk, there is something so quaint and characteristic about it. Also it can be a great spot to snorkel in on a clear day, a wobbegong (the best named shark in the world) has been spotted here before – don’t worry they won’t bite.

Gordon's Bay Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk Sydney

Gordon Bay, bondi to coogee coastal walk

Clovelly Beach

Nestled between two rock sides, this little enclave makes for a wonderful little sunning spot complete with a fixed pool and the Sydney suburb standard beach cafe that would put most of the offerings on the costa del sol to shame.

Clovelly Beach, coastal walk
Be bluer right?

Clovelly Beach, sydney coastal walk

Waverley Cemetery

Heading past the Clovelly bowling club, you will come across what can only be described as one of the most beautifully located cemeteries in the world. I know what you are thinking, but trust me, walking alongside this cemetery, atop of sandstone cliffs and looking out at views to die for *ahem*, it is a truly spectacular spot.

Waverley Cemetry coastal walk

Bronte Beach

Bronte is my personal favourite surfing beach along this coastal walk. Much smaller than it’s sister of Bondi, but the waves are still just as good and of course comes with one hell of a photogenic ocean-fed lap pool.

Bronte Beach coastal walk

bronte beach coastal walk

Bronte, along with most other eastern suburb beaches has a great offering of cafes, my personal fave is The Bogey Hole, mostly for their unbelievably good cakes.


Enclosed by cliffs this beach is stunning (unsurprisingly) and is often referred to as “glamarama” – apparently because of all the gorgeously glam people that go there.

tamarama beach coastal walk

tamarama coastal walk sydney

However,  it’s the cliffs on the way from this beach to Bondi that really is my cup of tea and should get your wanderlust pumping. Pick a place to perch and just watch the waves, it can be rather hypnotising.

bondi to coogee coastal walk

bondi to coogee coastal walk

tamarama cliffs bondi to coogee coastal walk


The famous Bondi beach. It is hard to beat and is pretty much the pinnacle location of the “aussie lifestyle”. The famously long stretch of beach is swarmed with surfers and tourists all the time, but predictably busy in the summer months. Though a couple of cafes are actually present right on the beach front, the main cafes and bars are set slightly back behind the road but, don’t worry the view is still something to write home about.

bondi beach

Obviously if you are heading here for lunch and want to do Bondi properly, there really is only one place, Icebergs. The famous Iceburg pools have become so iconic and synonymous with the beach that they have become “a must see” themselves.

The food on the upper floor of Icebergs is to die for but if you are not fancying a swanky meal then there is a more chilled bistro downstairs that serve everything from the classic fish and chips to a rather delicious yet simple banana bread.

Even if you don’t have long in Sydney, this walk will be a large tick in the box  to see most of the sights of the eastern suburbs. It can take you any time to do, from an hour to all day depending on how long you take in each place.

Have you done the walk? What’s your favourite spot on the walk?


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