Travelling from Malibu to Santa Barbara

Shoving all five of our cases back into our truly American sized Ford Explorer (named Reagan – explained below) we moved on from Los Angeles and continued our adventure up the Californian Coast with our trusty Galileo App on standby.


The town is reminiscent of Beverly Hills, in the sense of being a world renowned home to the rich and famous, but this time with the epic backdrop of a 30 mile stretch of stunning beach.

Driving past these stunning beach side homes, other than giving you house envy is tiring work, so we pulled off for some dinner at the noteworthy Duke’s. If you are ever in the area – it’s well worth a visit, not only for the sublime views but also the drool worthy food.

Duke's Malibu

Santa Barbara

The next stop was the world famous Santa Barbara. After spending the night in the Best Western, who gave us a well appreciated upgrade, we were ready to explore the town.

santa barbara

In summary, Santa Barbara will basically make you want to spend every weekend there; lazily eating good food and drinking even better wine.

santa barbara

Santa Barbara Marina

The town hosts it’s own idyllic marina, crammed with towering and luxurious yachts  and is surrounded by small wooden restaurants and shops that are well worth a wander. A particular tiny food stand  of choice called On The Alley  is definitely worth a visit, if tacos are your thing, and to be honest if you are visiting America you should make it your thing, they are serving up some incredible fried avocado tacos which are drool worthy.

santa barbara marina
santa barbara marinaDress: AsosSanta Barbara Pier

Santa Barbara Town

The town itself, whilst full of cafe’s and bar’s has a very relaxed vibe to it. The white buildings  and palm tree lined streets make you realise why the people that live there are so adamant that it is the perfect place to live.

santa barbara town

There are some sites to see if you were aiming to do more than wander and eat; such as the Moxi museum, the zoo and the mission and even a museum about president Reagan’s ranch, not about the president, but just his ranch… Though not something we ourselves were particularly interested in it became the inspiration for naming our car.

Santa Barbara Beach

But as to be expected on the Californian coast, the beach was one of the main must-do’s when visiting this beautiful coastal town. With blue waters and white sand that stretched on for miles, you can’t help but think of yourself as being on the 90210 set.

Santa Barbara Beach

Next stop on the Californian road trip, Pismo.

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