Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo

Ragged Point big sur

Morro Bay

The Pacific Coast Highway is a seemingly never ending giver of beautiful spots. Driving northwards after an overnight stop in Pismo, we came across Morro Bay.

So famed for it’s mound of volcanic rock that peers out of the harbour at the end of Morro Rock Beach.

With what seemed to be a common theme on our road trip, our stops were often dictated by places to eat. Luckily Morro Bay was home to this little wonder, The Harbor Hut Restaurant.

Morro Bay Harbor HutWith both an eat-in and take-out option (which is seemingly rather common in the States), we opted for take-out to enjoy our clam chowder and (enormous) garlic bread with both the views and the sea breeze.

Harbor Hut Morro Bay

Pacific Coast Highway

The great thing about road trips is that you can stop off anywhere that happens to take your fancy and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is not short of attractions.

Be that killer views where you feel obliged to get a half naked picture…

PCH views

Or be it a colony elephant seals.

Elephant seals pacific coast highway

elephant seal colony pch

Ragged Point

Another spot of beauty along the way was Ragged Point, known as the gateway to the Big Sur.

Ragged Point big sur

If you make your way up to here then you will be greeted with a gorgeous little resort which boasts these stunning views as well as a selection of american sized cakes, which makes the place that much more sweeter. Ragged Point Big Sur

ragged point

Our plan was to initially carry on driving straight through into the Big Sur, however a recent storm which caused landslides meant that our road trip incurred a slight detour…

San Luis Obispo

After having received three separate recommendations to visit this town we thought we would have a see what all the fuss was about.

Turns out the fuss wasn’t just noise. The quintessential all-american college town offers quite the array of wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities and events which gives the entire place a youthful and vibrant culture.

Stopping here for the night gave us a bit of a glimpse to college night life in the USA. After having a meal at one of the many fabulous offerings we tried and tested three different bars. Turns out we can still party like just new graduates.


Stay tuned for more on the Big Sur.


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