Monterey, California

Monterey, home to some of the best whale watching in the world and coincidentally home to the famous clam chowder festival, so it’s a winner of a place either way you look at it.

Monterey Wharf

As you may have guessed it, the main reason for our stop off from our road trip along the PCH for this lovely little town was for the whale watching (and for a taste of some award winning chowder).

monterey wharf

So after pulling into a motel for the night we had an early start down at the Fishermans Wharf with Monterey Whale Whale Watch.

monetery fishermans wharf

The entire wharf and bay is pictureque and exactly how you would imagine a fishing wharf in the  US of A to be, not surprising that this place recently found fame on BBC’s and David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II.

isle of dogs moneterey

As we moved further out into the ocean we started to become more and more excited as we spotted sea life.

Dolphins in Monterey

But these guys were just the beginning. Soon we met Diago, and Diago liked to show off.

Whale watching in moneterey

See what I mean? He performed along side our boat for a good half an hour.

Whale watching monterey

Doing flips and shit…
whale watching monetery

We were eventually made to move on from Diago, where we were greeted by not one but two blue whales. As in the largest mammals on earth, we saw two along side our boat. Being one for getting lost in the moment I definitely didn’t get a shot worth sharing with you all, my apologies, but sometimes you do need to just enjoy the moment.

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