• Oceania
  • Jervis Bay National Parks

    jervis bay national parks

    Jervis Bay as I previously mentioned is a fantastic location for an escape away from the city of Sydney. Obviously the beaches are to die for, however if you’re not a beach bum there is plenty else to do; introducing the National Parks. The National ParksĀ in Jervis Bay, encompass all the white sands, blue waters, […]

  • Europe
  • Lindos, Rhodes

    Lindos, a beautiful gem in the southern part of the island of Rhodes. The place emulates everything that you hope that a Grecian island would be; glorious blue seas, white cobbled streets and towering ruins of an ancient Greek civilization. The Sites The Acropolis The main “attraction” is the towering ruins of the acropolis, a […]

  • Europe
  • Exploring Rhodes Town

    Thinking about heading to Rhodes this summer and wondering what there is to do? Well follow me and explore the Rhodes Town… But first things first: The Island of Rhodes Rhodes, the largest island in theĀ Dodecanese islands, holds some seriously good cards in the race of most intact and variants of archaeological history in the […]